Rail Express: Election results over the weekend have reconfirmed the pipeline of rail projects on both sides of the Tasman. In the ACT, where the Labor-Greens coalition government was returned with a likely increased number of representatives in the legislative assembly, future progress on the Canberra light rail is confirmed. […]

The constructed facilities will be open for use by all interested partiesphoto: indianrailways.gov.in / Gudok.ru India’s Ministry of Railways has allowed individuals to build cargo warehouses and related infrastructure at small and roadside stations. This was reported in a press release from the department on October 15. Private businesses are allowed to build […]

●Full details of The Ataguba Railway Devolution Proposal The Federal Government may lose some of its powers to states of the federation, including its exclusive control of the power sector, railway, among others, with the ongoing review of the Constitution by the National Assembly. Renowned UK based railway delivery expert, […]

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