Bi-Oceanic Railway Corridor aims to join the pacific ocean with the Atlantic through a railway line ruining 3,755 km.Spanish Railway Association magazine published.Mafex a detailed article on this wonderful project This project has also been dubbed “The Panama Canal of the 21st Century”, and is already considered as the largest […]


By Li Jean As Nigeria kick starts negotiation with South African rail giant, Transnet, industry sources from South Africa are raising doubts about the likelihood of any agreement between Nigerian and the South African giant until after the February 2019 general election in Nigeria. Questions are reportedly raised on the […]

By Bianca Bianchi and Nathalie Picarelli Metro, light rail, BRT… urban transport programs are often complex and full of surprises. Here are 7 things to keep in mind for successful projects: In 2002, Sao Paulo’s embarked in one of the most transformative transport projects of the decade: the construction of […]

After decades of unabated downturn, rail transport is steadily bouncing back, thanks to technological innovation, a shift in management approaches and effects of climate change. This has seen increased sensitisation on environmental issues. But in Africa, this renaissance has encountered some bottlenecks, owing to inadequate government commitment in some countries. […]

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