A state-linked expert in Beijing has warned that high-speed rail projects in Africa are “unfeasible”, and would risk miring Chinese banks and companies in debt. Chinese firms should be more sophisticated in assessing risks in Africa, the expert warned, focussing not just on technical aspects but geopolitical and cultural factors […]

Africa is looking to upgrade its transport infrastructure to boost intra-continental trade and regional integration. The African Integrated High Speed Railway Network is one such project African countries are embracing high-speed rail in their drive to integrate the continent, develop their economies and improve import and export speeds. Built to […]

***at 7th International Railway Summit Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, Director General of the International Union of Railways (UIC), and Rolf Härdi, CTO of Deutsche Bahn will deliver keynote speeches during a session exploring the railway sector’s long-term vision for digital transformation entitled “What is the endgame of digitalisation?” at the 7th International […]

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