Recent history is littered with supposed tipping points, when a momentous occurrence heralds an optimistic future where things will be different. Most of these have proved to have been false dawns, but no-one now seriously doubts that the changes wrought by the Coronavirus are going to have significant and far-reaching […]

Railway construction in the country at the time of quarantine related to the COVID-19 pandemic did not stop. The builders took advantage of the new opportunities provided by the development of digital technologies, showed a creative approach and found mutual understanding with the authorities. About why the construction schedule of the holding […]

Signature of Memorandum of Understanding has been sealed between the Government of the Republic of Ghana, Thelo DB Proprietary Limited and Transtech Consult Limited for development, project management, operations and maintenance of regional railway corridors and networks in the Republic of Ghana Recognising the urgent need for efficient and effective […]

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