State Secretary of the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Matti Anttonen, has explained reasons for the delay in the making of the Arctic Railway stretching from Kirkenes, Norway, to Rovaniemi, Finland with further links to Tallin, Estonia Local news report indicated that the initiative to construct a railway from Kirkenes, […]

The national company ‘operated trains in service of’ Nazi regime, according to official statement, acknowledging ‘black page in the history of our country and our company’ JTA The Netherlands’ national rail company said it would set up a commission of inquiry to see whether it should compensate Holocaust victims for […]

According to Planet Radio,there’s been a 30% increase in cases on-board Cumbria’s trains since 2014. All this week on CFM, we’re investing the rising number of sexual assaults taking place on our railways. We can exclusively reveal that over the past four years (January 2014) figures of sexual attacks on […]

Pakistan Railways has achieved 100-day government plan by plying nine passenger trains, increasing number of freight trains and provision of free wifi facilities to passengers at railway stations and trains. “The present government has completed its 100-day on November 24, but Pakistan Railways achieved its set targets before the time,” […]

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