#EU Year of Rail is Here

The European Year of Rail courtesy European Commission

A little bit of history!

Railroad map

The usage of rail goes back to ancient times. Diolkos, the first track-based form of transport, was operated in Ancient Greece around the 6th Century B.C. This stone-paved trackway enabled the transport of ships bearing goods across the Isthmus of Corinth. It played an important role in trade, providing a faster and safer alternative to a long sea journey around the Greek Peloponnese peninsula.

Centuries later, modern European railways have proved themselves constant promotors of social cohesion and industrial innovation. Today, rail connects people and businesses across the EU and beyond.

It supports the EU’s efforts, under the European Green DealSearch for available translations of the preceding linkEN•••, to become a climate-neutral continent by 2050 and to pave the way for a new era of smart mobility.

To shine a light on rail’s key role for EU economy, industry and society at large, the EU declared 2021 the European Year of Rail.Search for available translations of the preceding linkEN•••

Why Rail?

Rail connects people

Rail has it all:

It is diverse. The perks of rail are not only for holidaymakers and commuters. Businesses and freight carriers can shift to rail and benefit from low-cost, increasingly competitive offers to transport their goods all over Europe – all while reducing their carbon footprint.

Rail is sustainable

It is green and sustainable. Rail is largely electrified and emits far less CO2 than equivalent travel by road or air. It accounts for only 0.4 % of EU greenhouse gas emissions, while all EU transport accounts for 25% of the EU’s total emissions. Plus, it is the only transport means that between 1990-2017 has consistently reduced its emissions and energy consumption, while increasingly using renewable energy sources 

Rail is safe

It is affordable, comfortable and safe. Whether you are on holidays or travelling for business, you can rely on rail to get you safely to your destination. It is the safest land transport mode with the lowest incidence of fatal accidents. Make the train your mobile office or just enjoy the view – and leave stressful journeys behind.

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