Swedish Railways X2000 Refurbishment

Swedish Railways (SJ) X2000 trains which operate InterCity journeys throughout Sweden and across to Copenhagen are being refurbished..

Swedish Railways (SJ) say “There will be new chairs, a new interior and a new bistro – a brand new train! It means even better comfort, whether you travel in the service or in private. More people choose the train, so we expand the trains by about 15% more places. And last but not least, we replace all technical systems, which means that operational reliability increases further and provides the fastest travel time.”

They say that the refurbishment is kinder to the environment than buying new trains “The upgrade involves an investment of SEK 3.5 billion. It is a lot of money, but then you have to remember that it would require three times as much investment to buy new trains. In this way we extend the life of the train by 20-25 years – which both the wallet and the environment gain.”

SJ X2000 New Layout

SJ X2000 New Layout

New seats

Seating is improved with the new chairs giving even better ergonomics and legroom. This is perhaps the most important part of the train’s interior, as travelers spend most of their time aboard their chairs.

To optimize the design, Swedish Railways (SJ) have collected requests from travelers through several reference and customer groups. We have subsequently developed a large number of different prototype chairs, which several focus groups have tested.

The new chairs get a smart design which means more chairs, without bargaining on the legroom. The chairs should also provide good lumbar support, have a large back table, double electrical outlets, shut-off surfaces and the possibility of a good tilt on the backrest.

In 1 class we keep the popular 2 + 1 sitting with two chairs on one side and one on the other. In 2nd class, there are two seats on each side of the hallway, 2 + 2 sitting. We also retain that placement of chairs thanks to feedback from our travelers.

SJ X2000 First Class

SJ X2000 First Class

New interior

A brand new interior means new walls, ceilings and floors and new lighting. The interior becomes light and sober. The new luggage racks and luggage shelves can accommodate prams and suitcases in a smart way. The lighting is brand new. The toilet areas are being improved and there will be a new kitchenette in 1 class, including a coffee table.

A new digital signage system on board shows travel-related information. Ventilation improves and trains get fast Wi-Fi. In addition, new control of the doors is installed, so that the passage between the carriages is even easier.

New bistro

The new bistro now becomes a natural gathering point on board, where you travelers can take part in Swedish Railway’s (SJ) new food concept, focusing on KRAV-labeled, organic and seasonally adapted raw materials.(AndyBTravels)

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