Abuja-Kaduna Railway: E-Ticketing now a Coordinated “Black-Market”- Passengers

Passengers ask Nigerian Transport Minister to investigate alleged ticketing scam within Abuja-Kaduna rail service

A Nigerian passenger on Abuja-Kaduna rail line, Dr Sani Abdulahi has raised alarm over alleged increasing fraud and scam in the operation of the passenger e-ticketting system, alleging that racketters have hijacked the system.

Dr Abdulahi took to his Twitter page today accusing the management of the rail service of connivance with ticket racketters and asking the Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi to investigate the matter.

We published below his tweets and consequent reactions by Nigerians and other rail users.

“Dear Hon. Minister, @ChibuikeAmaechi ,there is a need to urgently investigate the E-ticketing system of the Rail service. What is happening now is a coordinated, “black-market” approach tactic whereby E-tickets somehow get “exhausted” within minutes of being available.

“It is not realistic for ALL E-tickets on ALL coaches and ALL Trains(incl. 6pm train) scheduled for Fri 2nd April 2021 to get exhausted by 12.20am on Thursday for example. This is Wednesday Night technically. With 2 tickets max per person, Its very worrisome how this happens.

“Funny thing is you get to the train station, and many seats are still vacant, even after considering the social distancing. This undermines the idea behind the online system and sustains corruption and wastage. Your urgent intervention is most required Sir”, he concluded.


“People log in and buy and print out the bar code then keep the print out, they do it again and again. There’s a cabal that are behind the ticket racketeering.

“I don’t know what payment options are currently available when buying e-tickets. But one way to discourage arbitrage is to remove buy-on-hold payments. Make every ticket purchase instant pay, and until you have paid, you cannot generate or print a ticket or reserve a seat.

“A manager in one of the train station told me, that the e-tickiting staffs resume early & they print out tickes before customers show up, they give it to the guys carrying luggags they will sale to despereate passenger who can’t wait for the next train, I took a video of them.

“There are many possible solutions depending on the root of the problem. Thus, I called for factual investigation. (1) If problem is cause by many touts buying e-tickets and selling on black market, then insisting on passenger names to match with ID cards could help.

“(2) But if problem was due to sabotage with those managing E-ticket system reserving for the touts from the portal back-end, then solution (1) will not help. Govt must change them and instill more accountability at that level.

“I bought ticket on Sunday from Kaduna at 5,000 Naira for economy…

The simple solution for this menace is a thorough matching of every ticket with a valid ID card.. and all ticket must be soft copy, no hard copy.. at d point of entry to the departure to the point of scan.

“1. I logged in at 12:02 am n I struggled to get a ticket. Infact most of the coaches were filled. It seems dere is a connivance wt d owners n racketeers. It must be an inside job. Coaches n seats cannot be all taken at 12:02 am unless someone has already let d barn open. Crazy!

” We can’t blame Amaechi again, we shud shift our attention to the consulting firm who are d managers of the portal. Passengers wtout tickets are also smuggled into d coaches expecially d VIP coaches n u see d checkers n other officials cutting deals . Why why Our pple!


1. Tickets should carry names of passenger and shouldn’t be transferable
2. Multiple Check-in procedures should be introduced.
3. NIN or BVN details should be used when buying tickets. You can’t buy more than 1 ticket per trip.

“I’ve never felt e-ticketing would solve the problem. The solution lies largely on the availability of seats/coaches. Double the number of coaches per train and see if tickets won’t be available. We are our worst enemies.
May God save Nigeria from Nigerians…

“The Minister @ChibuikeAmaechi once told us that there would be more coaches and an increment in the number of trips, but nothing is happening. This is the result of such delays!

“If Nigerian govt is serious about paying back the loans taken to do all these projects, they should give it back to PS…nothing public grows in the hands of Nigerians. A nation where majority benefits from dyfunctionality can’t grow.

“Nothing will safe the trains only privatisation. Any business left in the hands of civil servants is always choas

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