Company Focus: Railway Maintenance Machinery Company, China

Founded in 1992, our company is an ISO9001 certified manufacture of various types of professional railway equipment. We are specialized in designing and producing more than 100 types of products with our own brand “Liaojin Tiegong”.

In order to meet the diversified requirements of customers, our company always makes the research & development innovation as soul of the company. We have a R&D team with nearly 20 skilled technical experts. We have successfully provided quality and efficient products for large-scale railway construction projects in Philippines, Mongolia, Indonesia, Mozambique, Ethiopia and Kenya etc. Our designed and developed Rail Tamping Machine, Rail Drilling Machine, Rail Cutting Machine, Lithium Battery Multi-functional Rail Switch Grinding Machine, Rail Ballast Cleaning Machine, Lithium Battery Rail Vehicle, Rail Bender etc. have obtained high praise from our customers.

With the One Belt One Road good initiative of our country, we are constantly looking for opportunities to establish new business relationships with companies all over the world. We here guarantee to supply the products with high quality, reasonable price and superior services.

Tiegong Company Milestons:

〓 1992.6: Establishment of “Jinzhou Tongda Railway Institute”
〓 1998.10: “Jinzhou Tongda Railway Institute” was renamed as “Jinzhou Tiegong Railway Maintenance Machinery Co., Ltd.”
〓 2001: Passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification
〓 2004.9: First set of Portable Gas Pressure Rail Welding Machine which designed and produced by our company was tested successfully
〓 2006.6: Anchor Replacement Device which designed and produced by our company obtained the patent certificate successfully
〓 2006.6: Electric Rail Drilling Machine, Electric Cutting Machine, Hydraulic Rail Tensor and Hydraulic Rail Gap Adjuster of our company obtained CRCC certificate for first time
〓 2008.6: Awarded “Abide by Contract and Credit Enterprises” honorary title by Industry and Commerce Administration of Liaoning Province
〓 2009.8: First set of railway track tractor designed and produced by our company has been successfully transformed and put into operation in the local railway.
〓 2009.9: Hydraulic Rail Lifting & Lining Machine and Internal Combustion Rail Grinding Machine passed the technical appraisal
2011.10: Set up a bright and spacious showroom for our products
〓 2012.3: Provide Single Beam Track Frame and Positioning Cone to the national major project “No. 2 Line of Lanxin Railway”
〓 2013.12: Signed a large Sales Contract with China Railway No. 20 Group Co., Ltd. for the first phase of Mozambique Railway Construction Project
〓 2014.5: Rail Normalizing Equipment, Control Device of Internal Combustion Rail Tamper and Electric Rail Chamfering Machine obtained the new patent certificate
〓 2014.6: Set up and registered Jinzhou Luyang Economic & Trading Co., Ltd.
〓 2015.1: Became the Governing Unit of China Railway Safety Net
〓 2015.4: Signed a large Sales Contract with China Railway No. 2 Group Co., Ltd. for Ethiopia National Railway and Light Rail Construction Project
〓 2015.6: The Communist Party of China Xingshan Street Committee approved the establishment of Jinzhou Tiegong Raiilway Maintenance Machinery Co., Ltd. Branch Committee
〓 2015.6: Signed a large Sales Contract with China Railway No. 20 Group Co., Ltd. for the second phase of Mozambique Railway Construction Project
〓 2016.6: Rail Ballast Cleaning Machine and Rail Exchanging Vehicle were successfully developed, and put into operation in many Railway Maintenance Works Sections
〓 2016.7: Signed large Sales Contract with China Railway Material Group Co., Ltd. for Kenya Railway Construction Project from Nairobi the capital of Kenya to Mombasa the first major port of East Africa
〓 2017.2: First set of Road-rail Vehicle of our company was tested successfully
〓 2017.3: Lithium rail vehicle was successfully developed, and was purchased by the Railway Maintenance Works Section and coherent units for railway construction application.
〓 2017.4: Signed a large Sales Contract with China Railway No. 20 Group Co., Ltd. for the third phase of Mozambique Railway Construction Project
〓 2017.9: Track Circuit Defective Grinding Vehicle was tested successfully, and was put into production
〓 2017.11: Multi-functional Switch Grinding Machine was tested successfully, and passed the appraisal of science and technology achievement of Shenyang Railway Bureau
〓 2018.6: So far, we have business relations with Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, France, Russia, Pakistan, Turkey, Australia and South Africa etc. 28 countries in the world.

Rail Drilling Series
Rail Cutting Series
Rail Grinding Series
Rail Tamping Series
Rail Lifting & Lining Series
Rail Wrench Series
Rail Stretching and Rail Gap Adjusting Series
Rail Straightening Series
Rail Welding Series
Rail Car Series
Railway Tools

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