Digital Rail Germany Starts at Mobility Congress

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Transporting goods or people from A to B, without traffic jams and as climate-neutral as possible. Hamburg wants to show what is already possible today.

In Hamburg, a traffic premiere begins on Monday, which is intended to significantly strengthen local public transport in German cities:

The chief driver of Deutsche Bahn, Richard Lutz, and the new CEO of the technology group Siemens, Roland Busch, want to join Mayor Peter at a mobility congress in the Hanseatic city Tschentscher start a highly automated S-Bahn for the first time. 

On a specially equipped route between the Berliner Tor and Bergedorf / Aumühle stations, S-Bahn trains are to be digitally controlled to commute through the Hanseatic city. 

The trains, which have been specially converted for automatic operation, take care of starting, accelerating, braking and stopping by themselves.

Highly automated S-Bahn operation for a tighter cycle

The project is part of the “Digital Rail Germany” project, with which Deutsche Bahn intends to generally bring its infrastructure into the digital age by the next decade.

 A highly automated S-Bahn operation allows, according to the representation of the railway, a significantly tighter vehicle cycle on the rails and also helps to reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

 The “Digital S-Bahn Hamburg” project is financed with around 60 million euros in equal parts by Hamburg, Deutsche Bahn and Siemens. It will later be expanded to the entire S-Bahn network of the Hanseatic city.

 Throughout Germany, a large part of the trains and routes in local and long-distance traffic could be upgraded in this way .

At the ITS World Congress , the Hanseatic city wants to present itself as a worldwide showcase for intelligent transport systems by Friday. “ITS” stands for “Intelligent Transport Systems”. 

The congress is given to different cities every year. Experts in transport, logistics and digitization will discuss what commercial and private transport could look like given the climate crisis and increasing mobility demands.

In the newly renovated CCH congress center, the exhibition halls and in the city area, around 400 exhibitors from all over the world will be showing ideas and technologies relating to intelligent transport systems. 

These include, for example, the autonomously driving minibuses that are already on the move in HafenCity, a pilot project for the autonomous transport of shiploads to the container terminal or cars that are parked independently in the multi-storey car park. cars

On Thursday the congress will be open to a wider audience. In addition to a stage program with lectures, interested parties can take part in discussions or watch live technical demonstrations on the topics of mobility, transport and traffic. Anyone wishing to participate can register online for the ITS Public Day .

 The entire congress runs under strict 2G Corona rules. This means that only those who have been proven to be vaccinated or have recovered are admitted.

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