Eurasia Rail Hosts Tech Gurus on Second Day of Event

The 9th International Railway, Light Rail Systems, Infrastructure and Logistics Fair – Eurasia Rail, the only Eurasia region and one of the 3 largest railway fairs in the world, hosted the gurus of technology on its second day.

Gathering all the main sectors related to railway and light rail systems under one roof, Eurasia Rail made a strong impression in 2021 with its detailed program regarding the use of technology in railway systems.

On the second day of the fair (26 November 2021, Friday)   , two important technology events were held as part of the Eurasia Rail Fair.

Fair visitors and participants  listened to the inspiring speech of Technology Writer M. Serdar Kuzuloğlu  titled “Next Station…”  . They learned about the transportation, location, concepts, culture and ultimately how life changed the life itself of the new generation vehicles with technology in their focus. 

Stating that the world has changed not with technology but with transportation,  Technology Writer  M. Serdar Kuzuloğlu said,  “The railway is a unique sector in every respect. The user is different, the decision maker is different, the supplier is another structure. In this respect, it is somewhat similar to the pharmaceutical industry. Let’s not ignore the risk of wasting the potential of sectors whose stakeholders are disconnected from each other by focusing only on their own field.”  said and continued:

“Travel and tourism as we understand it today begins in the 1800s. The reason is ‘railroad’. In 1914, the journey from America to China took an average of 153 days. Today, we can reach anywhere in the world in 1.5 days. Online ‘fast’ shipping was a few days, then changed to same day delivery. Today we are talking about minutes.”

Pointing out that 90% of world trade is carried out by sea transportation and 75% of this is done by containers, Kuzuloğlu said, “We realized that transportation, which was interrupted by the painful experiences in the recent period and reminded us how fragile it is, is too important and valuable to be left only to transportation companies. . For this reason, we are living in a period where companies and sectors are intertwined. Technology companies are turning into transportation companies, and transportation companies are turning into technology companies. Tesla, the most popular brand in the automotive world, defines itself as a software company. The reason is that the value it offers with software is more valuable than its hardware.”  used the phrases.

Finally, pointing out that the EurasiaRail fair is held every two years, Kuzuloğlu said, “The next two years will be a very long time for this sector as well. The frequency of this event will also increase. Increasing competition and the number of stakeholders will force you all to do so. A little more new companies at each meeting; will take place here with its services and solutions from different sectors. The next agenda of the fair in two years will and has to be very different from today.”  he shared his thoughts.

In the second event held within the scope of Eurasia Rail Fair; Industry professionals, accompanied by Technology Writer and TV Presenter Ahmet Can, who are pursuing new generation technologies and groundbreaking innovations in transportation,   visited the stands of the exhibitors as part of the Rail Master Class Special Fair Tour, and examined the products and technologies of companies that meet the changing consumer needs. In the event, which was held in an interactive way with the questions asked by the participants and Ahmet Can to the company representatives, detailed information was obtained especially about the innovative products in the sector and domestic and national production technologies.

The fair is held within the scope of all health measures with the Safe & Secure Standards, which the World Health Organization and the TR Ministry of Health contribute to the formation of applications.


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