Russian Anti-monopoly Service Probes State Railways

OFAS has opened a case upon signs of violating the antimonopoly legislation by the “Russian Railways” and the “Federal Passenger Company”

The case was opened upon data on systematic avoidance by monopolists to execute their obligations to equip wagons of counteragents with solid fuel en route for the heating purposes.

By law, equipping wagons is already included in the tariffs for the service of transporting freight luggage in long-distance trains. Thus, Moscow OFAS will consider not only the cases of monopolists avoiding the statutory obligations but also  the estimates of transportation services.

“The non-delivered service by “Russian Railways” and the “Federal Passenger Company” can not only infringe the economic interests of counteragents but also endanger life and health of their staff escorting cargo en route”, pointed out Head of Moscow OFAS ,Armen Khanyan.

OFAS had brought “Russian Post” in the case as a stakeholder. The interests of the company also can be infringed by omissions by monopolists.

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