TVZ received permission to manufacture the installation series of cars of the new model range

A meeting of the acceptance committee, consisting of representatives of the Federal Passenger Company (JSC FPK), JSC Russian Railways, the Office of Rospotrebnadzor, VNIIZHG, the regional center for standardization and metrology and other organizations, was held at the Tver Carriage Works.

The commission studied the test results, design and technical documentation, got acquainted with the prototype cars and gave permission for the production of the installation series of the compartment carriage model 61-4517 and the non-compartment (reserved seat) car model 61-4516.

The wagons from the new TVZ model range are united by a common concept – they are designed for operation in the form of two-car trailers. In the history of Russian passenger car building, this solution is being applied for the first time.

The service room is located only in one of the cars, from where the conductor can receive information about the functioning of the equipment of the entire coupler and manage its work. In the second trailer car due to the lack of office space, it became possible to place a service area with the installation of vending machines and coffee machines.

In addition to the traditional refrigerator, microwave oven, and hermetic inter-car crossings, for the first time mass-produced wagons are equipped with toilet complexes with a shower booth, purifier for drinking water.

The coupes in the car model 61-4517 are equipped with folding tables and individual safes. When folded, the lower shelves are a neat sofa with headrests, the upper shelves are almost invisible and look like part of the wall.

In the carriage of model 61-4516, individual curtains can be installed on all passenger seats.

For greater passenger convenience, all seats are equipped with sockets or USB connectors.

The new rolling stock has thought out the conditions for creating a barrier-free environment. The cars are equipped with transitional bridges, doors with buttons and sealed inter-car transitions allow passengers to move comfortably.

The production of cars of the new model range will be carried out as part of a long-term contract concluded between FPK JSC and TVZ OJSC in February 2019 for the period until 2025.

In addition to the models approved by the acceptance committee, the production of a prototype model car headquarters model 61-4529, which has a number of design improvements, is currently being completed at the Tver Carriage Works. Before putting on production, he also has to go through the whole range of tests and certification.

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