Zambia Railways Seeks $922 million for Modernization Plan

The Director General of the Zambian Railways, Christopher Musonda, has revealed in an interview with Railways Africa that the company was in talks with a number of potential investors for funding this five-year strategic plan.

According to him, this plan will ultimately strengthen the company’s capabilities and improve its operational efficiency, including the rehabilitation of certain sections of the railway, the renovation of the signaling system and the acquisition of new ones. locomotives.

“I want to reposition Zambia Railways so that it can make a significant contribution to the country’s transport needs, especially in terms of long-distance freight and passenger traffic,” he said.

As part of this plan, he said Zambia Railways will soon acquire 40 new locomotives and specialized wagons. The company currently operates 12 locomotives leased from Transnet, South Africa.

Zambia Railways is wholly owned by the Zambian government through the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC). The company has suffered from significant underinvestment for several years.

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