American Caterpillar Diesel Locomotive is being Tested in Russia

Caterpillar has strong presence in Russia

If the locomotive confirms its efficiency in northern conditions, then ZhDYa will begin assembling them at the locomotive depot of Aldan stationIf the locomotive confirms its efficiency in northern conditions, then ZhDYa will begin assembling them in the locomotive depot of Aldan station |  Mechanical engineeringphoto: ZhDYa /

A 2TE3250 diesel locomotive manufactured by Progress Rail of the Caterpillar railway division has arrived at the Yakutia Railways Company for testing. 

According to the press service of JSC “ZhDYa”, the locomotive was built for trial operation in Russia using the most advanced technologies. It was assembled in Chicago, from there

it arrived by rail on the Pacific coast, then by sea to Vladivostok and again on rails – already to Yakutia. Here he will be tested in the extreme conditions of the North.

Vasily Shimokhin, General Director of AK ZhDYa JSC, noted that the growing volumes of cargo transportation through the railway infrastructure make it necessary to look for new ways to increase the carrying capacity, including through the use of more efficient methods of providing traction for freight trains.

The company plans to conduct full-scale operational tests of the locomotive, taking into account local operating conditions. The tests will demonstrate dual-fuel technology, i.e. operation of a diesel locomotive on diesel fuel and gas. This technology will reduce emissions of particulate matter into the atmosphere, significantly reduce the consumption of diesel fuel for train traction.

The tests will take place with the support of research institutes, which, together with the Yakut railway workers, will prepare comments and propose solutions for operation in the harsh northern conditions.

All maintenance of the locomotive goes through on-board computers. The locomotive has a spacious cabin, conditions for comfortable work have been created. And the most important thing is the technical parameters of the machine, which significantly exceed those of the existing diesel locomotives. This is the power of the locomotive, traction force when starting from a standstill and continuous operation, maximum braking force, an advanced asynchronous traction drive control system EMD, which allows smooth deceleration from high speeds, excellent fit into curves with ensuring low wear of the wheel flanges, etc.

One of the main advantages of a foreign locomotive is its ability to operate on a fuel mixture consisting of 20% diesel fuel and 80% gas. Due to this, the operation is much cheaper and harm to the environment is minimized. One filling should be enough for 5-6 thousand kilometers.

Based on the test results, based on the comments of the Yakut railway workers, changes will be made to the design, and after that the joint production of such machines will be established in Russia.

According to Vasily Shimokhin, if the locomotive shows its efficiency and confirms the expected efficiency in northern conditions, the company will use such engines. Moreover, it is planned to start assembling such locomotives at the locomotive depot at Aldan station. This production will be with a small localization for now. The frames will be manufactured in Russia. Those parts that are not produced in Russia will be purchased abroad, but over time, the maximum will be replaced by domestic counterparts. There are already corresponding proposals from Russian enterprises that will produce some of the equipment. In the future, parts production and assembly will be carried out within the Aldan depot. 

The volume of freight traffic on the Berkakit – Tommot – Yakutsk railway is growing every year. Subject to successful tests, the introduction of a modern diesel locomotive on the railway infrastructure will allow in the future to ensure the transportation of increasing volumes of cargo.(

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