China: Rail Cars upgrade Argentina Railways

(CGTN) Since 2014, more than 700 railway carriages from China have helped to improve Argentina’s railway network as part of deals signed by the Argentinian government and CRRC – China’s state-owned rolling stock manufacturer.

Three lines connecting Buenos Aires and its satellite cities have been equipped with newly-purchased cars – all made in China.

“The carriages before are mostly second-hand units from Europe and Japan, which means the technology and car performances are not very good,” Yang Tingzhi, general manager of CRRC Sifang, told CGTN. “And the cars we brought here are equipped with the best technologies.”

The new cars have won the hearts of Argentine passengers as they are specially designed to meet the demand of the locals.

“We also improved the safety of car design in collision and fire prevention. The carriages are also air-conditioned with comfortable seats based on body mechanics,” Yang said.

According to Argentinian transport authorities, CRRC’s high-quality technology, equipment, and services have earned a 97 percent satisfactory rating from Argentinian passengers.

“The new trains are great because they are larger and also more comfortable than previous ones,” commented Bix Alex, a local passenger. “They have air conditioners. We do travel a lot better than the previous ones.”

Not only are technologies and services being provided, but also cross-cultural experiences. The Chinese company is training local engineers to get advanced knowledge about train operations.

“The technology provided by CRRC is now the most advanced in Argentina. It’s a very reliable, efficient and safe system. I hope the training from CRRC could help us to provide better services to local people,” Matias Castro, engineer of Trenes Argentines Operations, said.

In 2019, another 200 new cars from China will be delivered to Argentina as part of an additional contract signed between CRRC and the Argentine transport ministry in May, helping to increase transport capacity by 20 percent.

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