#Ethiopia Forges ahead with Rail Projects Despite Conflicts

Infrastructure competition is intensifying as Ethiopia redoubles implementation of development plan despite internal conflicts.

Amidst internal conflict, Ethiopia is forging ahead with the implementation of critical infrastructural projects such as the Awash Kombolcha Hara Gebeya railway project.

Contrary to thinking that conflict will slow down Ethiopian project implementation and committment, the reverse has been the case as many top flight projects are being fast tracked rather abandoned.

The Turkish handled project is as critical to Ethiopia as the Dam project that has pitched the country against Sudan amd Egypt. Turkish firm , Yapi Merkezi, is the Contractor while Systra-MD is the consultant.

Ethiopian leaders place premuim on the project as it is categorised as critical to creating a trade corridor between the North and the Eastern part of the country. The significance of the project was again reaffirms when the Amhara EEU Chief executive officer, Eng. Solomon, district directors and management staffs visited the Awash Kombolcha Hara Gebeya railway project to reviee its performance.

Awash-Kombolcha-Hara Gebaya Railway Project, which has a length of 392 kms, started from the north east of the city of Awash and arrive to Weldia through the city of Kombolcha.

The Awash-Kombolcha-Hara Gebaya Project has a significant importance as it connects the northern and eastern economic and traffic corridor of Ethiopia. The railway will connect the railway lines from Mekelle to Hara Gebaya and then Addis to Djibouti, which is the main transport corridor for both passenger and freight traffic, and for transport of imported and exported goods via Djibouti Port.

Furthermore, the construction of this railway will play an active and significant role in connecting the northern region of the country with the central part.The Awash-Kombolcha-Hara Gebaya Railway Project which has an estimated 1,7 Billion USD shall be completed in 66 months and the design works for the project will be handled by Yapı Merkezi as well.

In addition to the length of the main line which is approximately 390 kms, station lines are 18 kms and the maintenance lines are 40 kms. The length of the total line is approximately 425 kms.

 The project covers all design works, material supply, infrastructure construction works, repair-maintenance workshops, stations, administrative buildings, rail laying, signaling, catenary, energy supply, communication systems, spare parts supply and training works on turnkey basis and putting them into service.

Awash - Kombolcha - Hara Gebeya Railway
Awash - Kombolcha - Hara Gebeya Railway
Awash - Kombolcha - Hara Gebeya Railway
Awash - Kombolcha - Hara Gebeya Railway
Awash - Kombolcha - Hara Gebeya Railway
Awash - Kombolcha - Hara Gebeya Railway
Awash - Kombolcha - Hara Gebeya Railway
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