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Alexey Melnikov, Director General of the South Caucasus Railway (SCR):

– Dear colleagues! Please accept my sincere congratulations from the entire staff of the South Caucasus Railway on Company Day! Over the 17 years that have passed since the founding of the Russian Railways company, a long way of formation and development of one of the largest holdings has been covered. RZD has become an effective innovative company focused on the implementation of modern ambitious projects.
All these years you have been reliable companions of passengers and cargo carriers, providing high quality services, partners of the government in the implementation of major projects, associates of a huge team of Russian railway workers, always ready to help.

Russian Railways has been constantly developing and improving, and now there are many innovative projects and developments, development programs not only in Russia, but also abroad.

The work of Russian Railways does not stop for a minute, and on this holiday, the railway workers at their workplaces ensure the safety and comfort of passengers, the timeliness of cargo transportation, and the reliability of infrastructure. We wish our colleagues new successes, good health and prosperity!

Olawale Rasheed, African Railway Roundtable

We felicitate with Russian Railways on the celebration of 17 years since its establishment. We note the renewed outreach of Russian rail companies in Africa. We particularly applaud the outcome of 2019 Russian African summit where many landmarks railways MOU were signed. Africa is a continent where Russian rail technology and advancement are needed to boost African push to bridge the infrastructural deficit.

Adrian Oncanu, acting General Director of the Railway of Moldova (ZDM):

On behalf of the staff of the State Enterprise “Railway of Moldova” and on my own behalf, let me congratulate the entire collective of many thousands of JSC “Russian Railways” on a wonderful date – the 17th anniversary of its foundation.

Today the railway is served by thousands of people who are devoted to their profession, despite all the difficulties. Working on the railway requires good health, endurance, knowledge.

Working on the railroad is a responsibility for the life and health of passengers, for the delivery of vital goods.

We wish the Russian Railways company further development and expansion. Let the railroad tracks lead you to joy and prosperity, stability.
Let your every working day be filled with optimism and pride in the difficult and responsible path.

We sincerely wish all railway workers of the Russian Federation good health and family well-being, peace and kindness, new professional achievements, and solutions to all problems.

Viktoria Vlasovienė, Head of International Projects, Foreign Relations Department, Lietuvos gelezinkeliai:

– From the staff of JSC Lietuvos gelezinkeliai (Lithuanian Railways) we send congratulations on the company’s birthday to the entire staff of JSC Russian Railways.

Dear colleagues, please accept my most sincere congratulations on the birthday of your company!
It is with great pleasure that we share your festive mood and sincerely wish the entire staff of Russian Railways further success, prosperity, new creative and labor achievements, inexhaustible energy, professional growth and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Damdinsuren Zhigzhidnyamaa, Head of the Ulan Bator Railway (UBZhD):
– Dear friends! Dear colleagues! On this significant day, exactly 17 years ago – October 1, 2003 – the Russian Railways OJSC was established. Railway transport in Russia has been and will be a backbone, key, and in many cases the only way to transport goods and move passengers.
In the many thousands of close-knit team of your company, there are wonderful workers who, with heart and soul, are attached to their difficult and responsible work, devoted to a difficult profession, giving their rich experience, knowledge and strength for the good of Russia.

On this wonderful day, on behalf of the entire staff of the Mongolian-Russian Joint Stock Company Ulan-Bator Railway and all Mongolian railway workers, allow me to thank you for the fruitful cooperation, decent work and wish you all good health, happiness, prosperity and festive mood!

Kanat Almagambetov, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC “NC” Kazakhstan Temir Zholy “(KTZ):
– Congratulations on my own behalf and on behalf of our entire large team, Russian Railways. Of course, 17 years is not a lot, but the main thing is not age, but the company’s success! KTZ wish prosperity, development, new achievements and success! This is a holiday for all employees of “Russian Railways”, it is the contribution of both managers and station attendants, machinists, carriages, conductors and many other irreplaceable professions of the railway.
Russian Railways has always had a positive impact on its neighbors in the CIS countries, including us, on our work. Provided us with support and went to meet when we needed it. We try to respond in kind, to provide friendly cooperation, partnership and interaction on our part. Our long-term relationship is strengthening from year to year thanks to real professionals – managers and employees of Russian Railways. We hope for further interaction, mutual understanding and mutual assistance.

Of course, most importantly, I would like to wish the entire staff of Russian Railways health! So that we all cope as soon as possible and get through this difficult period of the COVID-19 pandemic. I wish no more epidemics to affect the operation of railways, not to affect transportation. I wish customers and shippers to continue to provide stable transportation of goods and further guarantee passengers safety and comfort. Prosperity, new realized goals, success in everything planned. We wish you fruitful cooperation and satisfied customers. Happy Russian Railways Day from all Kazakhstan Temir Zholy!

Evgeny Semyonov, executive director of NP Association of Carriage Builders:
– Dear colleagues! On behalf of the Union “Association of Carriage Builders”, I would like to congratulate the entire staff of Russian Railways on Company Day!

Open Joint Stock Company Russian Railways is rightfully considered one of the world’s largest railway companies. More than one million people work in its ranks, ensuring daily uninterrupted operation of passenger and cargo transportation.
Achievements and successes of the company are the result of high professionalism and hard work of the team, competence and experience of managers. Employees and management of the company, through their work, contribute to the development of the country’s industrial potential, domestic and international trade relations, and also help to solve the general problems of the country’s transport complex development.
Thanks to the well-coordinated and conscientious work of a team of specialists – real professionals in their field – the company has acquired an impeccable business reputation, deserved respect and recognition of all participants in the railway transportation industry.

I sincerely wish the employees of Russian Railways to maintain good traditions in their work, while moving forward, successfully mastering everything new and determining the future of transport! Health, prosperity, new professional achievements and peace in your families! Let your enthusiasm always be rewarded with breakthrough solutions, stability and gratitude from the state and your customers. Happy Holidays, Happy Company Day!

Alexander Baskakov, Director of Rail Cargo Logistics – RUS:
– Dear colleagues! On my own behalf and on behalf of the entire team of Rail Cargo Group, a subsidiary of the Austrian railways, we congratulate Russian Railways OJSC on Company Day!

In recent years, Russian Railways have made a big breakthrough in the qualitative development of container traffic in domestic, transit and international traffic. Technologies do not stand still, gradually electronic exchange of documents, electronic declaration of goods, registration of cargo transportation on the site of the ETP SE have entered our usual life. The digitalization process has already been launched, and, I hope, it will only continue in the future, because the success of our joint work depends on it.

The pandemic has shown that thanks to the close-knit work of all links – Russian Railways, logistics operators, rolling stock owners and customers – we can move forward, overcoming the difficulties that arise.

With all my heart I wish the entire staff of Russian Railways good health, energy, a positive attitude and a desire to improve their work for the welfare of the entire railway industry.

Viktor Lesh, General Director of the Sinara – Transport Machines (STM) holding:
– Let me congratulate all employees on the 17th anniversary of the founding of the Russian Railways company!

Russian Railways is an asset and a national pride. The company represents the most powerful infrastructure complex, is confidently building up a continuous production cycle, implements ambitious projects, providing passenger and cargo transportation at the highest level.

The course towards innovation and rapid movement forward – this is what distinguishes Russian Railways today, for which the Sinara – Transport Machines holding acts as a leading technology and service partner. Together with Russian Railways, we are entering an era of high speeds and new opportunities, working on the creation of high-speed trains and innovative infrastructure solutions!

We are proud of our partnership and fruitful cooperation with the world leader – Russian Railways. Dear colleagues, happiness, health, bold decisions and immense success! Happy Holidays, Happy Company Day!

Alexey Barbariusz, General Director of TransLes:
– Today, it is not for nothing that Russian Railways are among the world’s top three railway companies – this is facilitated by correctly set strategic goals, for which the company uses the best business and corporate governance practices. The tasks of increasing production and economic efficiency and financial stability require the management of Russian Railways to ensure the development of freight and passenger traffic at an accelerated pace. In a difficult external environment, an increase in the scale of the transport business can only be achieved by decisive changes, which is laid down in the new development concept with the slogan “We are changing for you.” These are not just words: we, as participants in the freight transport market, see improvements in customer focus, opportunities for dialogue at all levels of interaction with the carrier.

On Company Day, I would like to thank all the employees of Russian Railways for their daily hard work and desire to move forward on the path of integration into the Euro-Asian transport system. Health, well-being and professional success!

Artur Nurmukhamedov, General Director of ABC-Rail:
– Railways have historically carried the main transport load in Russia. Russian Railways has continued to fulfill this responsible and difficult task since 2003.

After so many years, it is pleasant to celebrate the transformation of Russian Railways into a service company that meets the needs of the client and the changes in the market and, just as important, preserves the traditions and rich history of Russian railways.

I would like to wish JSC “Russian Railways” not to turn down on this path. All participants in the transport market want these changes to continue. It is important that entrepreneurs continue to speak the same language with railway workers.

I hope that the economic turmoil of 2020 will not slow down this process and will only make Russian Railways stronger.

Maxim Anischenkov, General Director of PJSC TransFin-M:
– I sincerely congratulate JSC Russian Railways on its birthday! Russian Railways makes an invaluable contribution to the development of the Russian economy, the implementation of key infrastructure and industrial projects, and also performs the most important social function of transporting passengers and ensuring mobility of the population.

Today, Russian Railways is primarily the flagship of innovation, the introduction of the most advanced technologies and high quality customer service, which is undoubtedly the result of the work of a strong management team and a close-knit team.
The life of almost every inhabitant of our country is in one way or another connected with the railways, therefore, first of all, I would like to wish Russian Railways JSC successful development, achieving new professional heights and technological breakthroughs for the good of all of Russia! (

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