Rail Baltica: Prointec, Forma 2 Contractual Engagement

  • Indra’s engineering subsidiary has won, in consortium with the Latvian company, Forma 2, the contract for the supervision of the engineering and construction of the Riga International Airport station, the main intermodal high-speed rail and air connection in the Baltic countries
  • Prointec thus reaffirms its presence in the largest railway infrastructure project in Europe, where it also participates in the design and supervision of the construction project of the section between the Estonian city of Pärnu and the Latvian border 
  • Rail Baltica will provide a fast, secure and sustainable connection between the capitals of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and offer a direct link to the rest of Europe, without requiring adaptation, paving the way for easier transportation of passengers and goods
  • This new milestone reinforces Indra as one of the world’s leading companies in the railway sector, with projects in countries such as the United States, Australia, Ireland, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Colombia, Malaysia or India 
Prointec (Indra) to supervise the construction of one of the most important Rail Baltica stations, at Riga airport

Prointec, the civil engineering subsidiary of Indra, a leading global technology and consulting company, reaffirms its participation in the largest railway infrastructure project currently existing in Europe, Rail Baltica, after signing a new contract to supervise the construction of the Riga International Airport station, which will become the first hub for high-speed rail and air connections in the Baltic countries.

The consortium formed by Prointec and the Latvian company, Forma 2, has signed the contract, worth more than 5.85 million euros, after winning an international open tender in which three other major European consortia participated. The project has a duration of 10 years, as it includes the supervision work during the construction phase and five years of services during the warranty phase. It comprises the station building, the access tracks, the new railway line and the 10-meter-high overpass that will link the terminal to the airport facilities, the first intermodal walkway of its kind in Latvia.

The Rail Baltica station at Riga International Airport is going to be a modern, multifunctional passenger service complex, which will be connected to the airport infrastructure, offering new mobility opportunities and amenities for passengers, who will be able to reach the center of Riga in just 10 minutes. It will be the first high-speed rail and air connection center in the Baltic countries.

This is a complex project, so Prointec has the essential role of monitoring the quality of the construction works in accordance with all safety, operational, accessibility and environmental requirements. The extensive experience of Indra’s civil engineering subsidiary in both the railway and airport sectors is also important in supervising the construction of what will be the main intermodal railway and airport connection of the Baltic countries. In addition, the scope of services includes the project management of the works, in which Prointec is performing the duties of a FIDIC engineer.

With this new contract, Prointec reaffirms its presence in the largest railway infrastructure project in Europe, in which it also participates in the design and supervision of the construction project of the section between the Estonian city of Pärnu and the Latvian border, for an amount of 10.8 million euros, in consortium with the German company OBERMEYER Planen + Beraten GmbH, one of the largest independent engineering consultancy firms in Germany. 

The project also adds to Prointec’s extensive experience in railway design around the world, having carried out projects in Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Algeria or the United States, with the San Francisco-San José-Merced sections of the high-speed network in California, as well as a large number of projects in Spain.

Direct and sustainable connection with Europe

The new Rail Baltica network, an 870-kilometer double-track standard-gauge high-speed railroad, will provide a fast, secure and sustainable link between the capitals of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania and a direct connection to the rest of Europe, without requiring any adaptations. The largest infrastructure project in the Baltic region in the last 100 years will thus facilitate the transportation of people and goods to the rest of Europe with maximum safety, comfort and environment sustainability, with the subsequent impact on the economic development of the region.

The new rail network will use the most innovative technologies and materials to avoid emissions and reduce noise and vibrations. It will avoid the Natura 2000 protected areas, as far as possible, not make a significant impact on other environmentally sensitive protected areas and have eco-pipelines, special passages for animal crossings over the track. It will also promote inter-modality and inter-operability through new intermodal freight terminals in each of the Baltic states to enable a fast and efficient transfer of containerized cargo between different modes of transport. In addition, railway stations will connect different urban, regional and long-distance transport services, as well as parking lots for cars, bicycles, etc.

The line is planned to be extended to Finland in the future, through a tunnel under the Baltic Sea to connect Tallinn and Helsinki, the respective capitals of Estonia and Finland.

Leadership throughout the value chain

Thanks to this new Prointec contract in Europe, Indra strengthens its position as one of the leading companies in the rail sector worldwide, with end-to-end solutions and projects in countries such as the United States, Australia, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Mexico, Colombia, China, India and Malaysia, among many others.

Through Prointec, its subsidiary that specializes in engineering, architecture and infrastructure consulting, urban planning and the environment, and a leader in Spain and abroad in areas such as railways, airports, buildings, roads and water, Indra contributes to the digitalization of construction and its construction methods, as well as the development of new technological solutions with a view to optimizing conservation and maintenance costs of infrastructures and improving their safety and protection.

Prointec (https://www.prointec.es/en) seeks to make infrastructures safer, more efficient and sustainable, with the least environmental impact, for which it constantly strives to improve their design, with new materials and technologies, and to adapt to new environmental protection parameters.

The services offered by Prointec are part of Mova Consulting, one of the lines of solutions of Indra Mova Solutions, which is Indra’s Transportation Division that covers the entire life-cycle of its clients’ projects and combines new digital capabilities, from integration, specialization and innovation demanded by the market, with the reliability, knowledge of the business, Indra’s proprietary transportation technology and the unique experience of its professional teams.

Indra has a unique wealth of experience in Transportation, with more than 2,500 projects developed in more than 50 countries

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