Rail Driver Speaks on Rolling Stock,Says Locomotive Crew must be Interchangeable

Gudok.ru: We are talking with the driver of one of them – Evgeny Tuzikov, who immediately refutes the attachment of the locomotive crew to both one machine and one route:

“The policy of the depot management is such that each locomotive team must be professionally versatile and, if necessary, interchangeable. And it is right. Today we returned from the Liskinsky direction. Tomorrow we can go to Mud, Ramony. The shoulders of service reach Yelets, Rossosh. We know the profile of the path in any direction. True, our team has not yet traveled to Michurinsk, but this is only a matter of time: in March of the current year, he stood up for the right wing of a new locomotive as a driver. I consider this trust a gift for my 29th birthday. Frankly, I was one of the last to master a new technique. 

Again: in the depot, the correct arrangement of working accents. Pioneers on new electric trains were experienced machinists, machinists and instructors. They were run in cars, revealed the nuances of working moments.

Before embarking on the right wing, Eugene left for eight years as an assistant driver. And the father advised to master the profession, who has been working as a driver for the whole life in the same depot. Alexander Tuzikov began his activity in freight traffic, but when the depot became specialized in suburban areas, he remained at his native enterprise. Two years later – the retirement period, but enough strength to continue working. He hopes that his experience will continue to be useful. After all, he brought his son, who dreams of a helmet to a pilot or an astronaut’s spacesuit, on a labor route: “All this, of course, is high and tempting … And you should try to master the earthly speeds from the beginning!” After the ninth grade, the son entered the railway technical school in the target direction. Received a diploma. He served in the army. And he came to the father’s depot, which had already become dear to him.

The assistant to the engineer Denis Bolshakov is one year younger than his colleague and there is plenty of experience in the near future to improve his qualifications as just the engineer. He went to his dream without referring anyone. But he believes that labor dynasties only strengthen the team of the enterprise, bearing the last honor and glory.

Eugene introduces the on-board computer, which essentially controls all the actions of the locomotive crew. Video surveillance has been installed both in the locomotive cab for parsing actions in the event of emergency situations, and in cars of the entire train, preventing administrative offenses or allowing quick response to emergency situations already in the train itself. Everything that happens is recorded on the monitor in front of the assistant driver. The scheme of sets of positions has been changed for the better, as well as the design of the cabin itself, which allows you to drive the train in comfort. There is air conditioning, improved security system. 

Additional emergency braking modules reduce the braking distance by about 150-200 meters. In previous cars there was just a rheostat brake. A cardinal difference from old electric trains is the presence of regenerative braking, which allows you to transfer energy to the contact network, which leads to significant savings.

And, of course, a disproportionate improvement in passenger comfort. For people with disabilities there are lifts, certain places that allow you not to feel restrained during the trip. Designated places for “parking” bicycles.

It is clear that the work is like, the guys are happy with it. Is there enough time for personal interests: sports, but who knows how many hobbies! Eugene does not hesitate to cite as an example the work of the primary trade union organization of his depot: “There are many sporting events, if you like, team-building. As in a real family, they will come to your aid here, financially supporting you in grief or joy. Gifts for professional holidays. Many actions aimed at creating continuity of generations. 

Literally once a quarter, theater tickets are offered. I’m not that a big theatrical – on the contrary: when you force yourself to go to the box office to get involved in art ?! But lately I realized: it is necessary to develop diversified and familiarization with culture is necessary. For those who wish, there are no problems with tickets. And union members are expanding their horizons for free. So that, the depot provides not only guaranteed work, but also versatile rest outside it. 

What else do young professionals need? Professional forward movement! And this movement in all directions is here. ”

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