#SamGUPS Develops Mathematical Model for Laying Rail and Sleepers

Tests on the railway confirmed the calculations of scientistsTests on the railway confirmed the calculations of scientists |  Infrastructurephoto: SamGUPS Press Service / Gudok.ru

Gudok.ru- Samara State University of Railways (SamGUPS) conducted practical tests to determine the dependence of the lateral stiffness of the rail and sleeper grid on the pressing force of the rails to the under-rail supports. This was reported in a press release from the university.

This year, the staff of the “Track and Track Facilities” department submitted an application for the inclusion of university work to improve the technology of laying the rail and sleeper grid in small-radius curves into the scientific and technical development plan of Russian Railways. 

With the help of the proposed technology, it will become possible to lay a lattice with a constant bend, that is, with a constant curvature, which will subsequently greatly facilitate the process of setting the track to the design position and reduce the amount of further alignment of the rails.

To study the proposed technology, a mathematical model was developed in the environment of finite element modeling, which requires verification on a really operating structure of a rail and sleep grid. 

As an experimental confirmation of the model, a set of tests was carried out on the basis of the track machine station No. 38 of the Kuibyshev Directorate for Track Repair by hanging the lattice and measuring the resulting deformations.

“The studies carried out made it possible to check the adequacy of the developed mathematical model, as well as to make adjustments to the work of the railway track in bending using different types of intermediate rail fastenings,” said Dmitry Ovchinnikov, associate professor of the “Track and track facilities” department of SamGUPS.

“The technical and economic effect of the proposed work is to reduce the time of the technological” window “, improve the quality of laying the rail and sleepers without disturbing the sleepers diagram, which will avoid additional costs for the current maintenance of the track and rolling stock”, – noted in SamGUPS.

In the future, the university scientists plan to submit an application to the plan for the scientific and technical development of Russian Railways for 2021 on the topic “Improving the technology of laying the rail and sleepers in small-radius curves”.

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