#Senegal Completes Modernization of #Cargo Line to #Port of #Dakar

A consortium led by French rail company TSO has completed the modernization of a 51 km double track freight line in Senegal.

The work was carried out for 2 years as part of the implementation of the regional Dakar TER project and was aimed at improving the reliability of transportation in communication with Dakar, increasing their volume and eliminating the risk of traffic accidents.

This non-electrified 1000 mm gauge line partially runs in parallel with the 1435 mm electrified double-track passenger gauge line connecting the central part of the capital of Senegal with the Blaise Dian International Airport. As part of the Dakar TER project, it is also undergoing modernization work.

The consortium, which includes NGE Contracting, CIM and CDE, signed a contract with the Senegal National Agency for Investment Promotion and Large Projects (APIX) in 2017. Before starting work on the project in 2018, TSO hired 160 people. staff. Construction required the supply of 86 thousand sleepers, 5700 tons of rails, 23 turnouts, as well as 150 thousand tons of ballast. TSO also delivered various track equipment and equipment by sea, including sleeper and ballasting machines, welding machines, etc.

The modernized line plays a large role in the future economic development of Dakar by ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of goods to the port of the same name. In particular, it is planned to develop the agricultural sector and increase the extraction of minerals in eastern Senegal. The government also plans to upgrade the Dakar-Tambakunda railway section by 2022.

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