TMH Received Permission to Manufacture a new Double-Deck Dining Car

The new restaurant car for the first time provides for the possibility for passengers to travel with a ticketThe new restaurant car for the first time provides an opportunity for passengers to travel with a ticket |  Mechanical engineeringphoto: Directorate for External Relations and Corporate Communications TMH

TMH received permission to manufacture an installation series for a new double-deck dining car. This was reported in the directorate for external relations and corporate communications of the holding.
“The commission for the acceptance of an experimental double-deck dining car model 61-4525, which met at the Tver Carriage Works, decided to produce an initial batch of 50 cars,” the message says. 

JSC FPC, Design and Engineering Bureau of the passenger complex of JSC Russian Railways, the Central Laboratory of JSC Russian Railways, the Center for Technical Audit, TMH Engineering, VNIIZhT, as well as supplier companies were sent to work on the commission.

To start operating on the Russian Railways network, it is necessary to carry out the certification procedure for cars in accordance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union.

The new dining cars are intended for use in trains consisting of double-deck cars of the new model range (models 61-4523 and 61-4524).

The first two-story dining car (mod. 61-4473) was created at TVZ in 2013. In its design, a number of innovative solutions were applied, including a dish lift and ovens, the use of which made it possible to provide hot meals to all passengers of the train.

The 61-4525 double-decker dining car was a new step in the development of engineering, it was designed on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of the operating experience of the previous model car.
An improved body was created for the new restaurant, which made it possible to expand the salon. For the first time, an air suspension was used, which provided the car with a smoother ride.

On the first floor of the car there is a kitchen, a washing section and a bar for four seats, on the second there is a dining room for 36 seats. A refrigerator with a volume of 3 thousand liters and a freezer with a capacity of 700 liters are installed in the car. The transfer of hot dishes and used dishes between the first and second floors is provided by an elevator. In the sanitary part of the car there are two environmentally friendly toilets, a shower and a separate waste collection area.

For the first time, the new restaurant car provides for the possibility for passengers to travel with a ticket – all seats in the dining room on the second floor are numbered, the seats are equipped with armrests. The dining car has luggage racks and a rack for bulky luggage.(

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