Transport: Saudi Arabia Flaunts 2018 Achievements

​​​​The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has described year 2018 as era of great achievements in the transport sector across all transport models.

In a statement posted this week,the Ministry of Transport of the Kingdom flaunted its records affirming that it performed very well in the last fiscal year.

The statement is reproduced below:

“During the year 2018, the transport system achieved a package of major development projects thanks to God and then with the support of the wise leadership, which has had a great impact on the provision of quality services to complement the successful journey to achieve the aspirations of the rulers of the Kingdom. , And improve the quality of life in Saudi cities to achieve the vision of 2030.

“The transport system is supported by the leadership, because it has the privilege of promoting economic growth, creating investment and commercial opportunities, supporting and motivating the rest of the other economic sectors. The system is currently witnessing a comprehensive development movement and a qualitative shift in all its services and sectors. Especially pilgrims and Umrah pilgrims, through huge infrastructure projects within the National Transport Strategy 2030, which seeks to achieve the vision of the Kingdom to be a logistics center worldwide depends primarily on transport in various sectors.

The generous care and continuous guidance of the wise leadership have enabled the system to perform its mission in the service of pilgrims to the fullest extent, facilitating their blessed journeys, by ending their procedures at the ports of entry in a short time, and providing a modern road network linking the east of the Kingdom to its west and north of the Kingdom. (Jeddah, Makkah, Holy Places, Arafat, Muzdalifah, Mina), and Medina, with the readiness of development projects, maintenance and expansion of the roads and facilities that connect them with perfectness, as well as Safety, and Mobilizing intelligent transportation to enhance the safety and smooth navigation of the guests of Rahman.

The system worked on a series of programs to achieve the vision of the Kingdom to be a logistics center linking the three continents, including the privatization program, through the introduction of a series of projects in the rail transport sector and the allocation of a number of airports. Previously, the number of facilities in the transport sector was allocated and operated by the private sector.

Among the programs that the system contributes to is the strategic partnerships program, and cooperation with the centers of excellence through the establishment of the Office of the Center for Efficiency of Expenditure to benefit from their expertise in developing solutions to the challenges of establishing, operating and maintaining infrastructure, and building the capacity of ministry employees to raise the efficiency of spending.

The system has achieved major achievements in 2018, including infrastructure, and has enacted many regulations and legislations that enhance the level of services provided by all sectors, in addition to a breakthrough in the digital transformation within the sectors of the system.
As for the infrastructure, the system in the road sector has completed 155 road projects with lengths of more than 3.3 thousand km at a cost of about 7 billion riyals, which contributed to raising and enhancing the level of traffic safety. It also dealt with 50% of the black points. The number of traffic accidents deaths on the roads of the Ministry of Transport decreased by 33%, 25% in traffic accidents and 25.5% in accidents.

The railway sector witnessed the inauguration of Al Haramain train, Al Jouf station within the northern train train route which serves 4 regions in the Kingdom and 6 stations, and the launch of Saar Metal train in the North Promise. The air transport has completed a number of projects, Aziz International in Jeddah, and the establishment and laying the foundation stone for a number of airports in various regions (Jazan, Qunfudah, Jouf and Qaryat.

With regard to the regulations and legislations, the transport system carried out its regulatory role in the sector through the re-enactment of a number of regulations and legislations that serve the transport sector in 2018. The most important of these are the regulations on the movement of goods and freight intermediaries, the leasing of trucks on land roads, Protection of railways, as well as a list of specifications and equipment of public transport in cooperation with the Standards Authority.

On the digital transformation, the transport system has worked intensively to achieve the digital transformation on several axes to increase the efficiency of the work and the roles played by the system in cooperation with several parties, especially the development of logistics services, where logistics services were supported in organizing the mechanism of import and export operations of goods and goods through the platform ” Open “ports in cooperation with customs, which contributed to reduce time and cost and increase the level of regularity in operations, and resulted in a reduction in container survival from 14 to less than 5 days in ports.

The technical system has also been strengthened in road freight (gateway statement / link / transport), which has contributed to improving the efficiency of vehicle guidance services such as Ober and Karim for more than 100 million trips and creating more than 200 thousand jobs for citizens and citizens after settling these services, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) on Saudi roads, analysis of traffic information and monitoring of sites requiring safety upgrades, as well as expanding the application of eGovernment concepts and orientation to the implementation of e-government transactions.

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