UK: 120,000 Petitioners Demand Railways’ Public Ownership


A petition signed by 120,000 demanding our railways return to public ownership will be handed to Government tomorrow.

Germany and France run a publicly owned railway companies.
Campaigners want a service that prioritises “people over profit”.

They hope the petition will be used as key evidence in the sweeping review of the industry.

Ellie Harrison, of Bring Back British Rail, which launched it, said: “Anyone who travels on our railways knows from their own frustrating experiences that privatisation has failed. That’s why this petition has really taken off.

“This review must reflect our views and recommend a reuni­- f­­ied railway run for people, not profit.

The petition will be delivered to Transport Secretary Chris Grayling’s department. He ordered the “root and branch” review last year.

He said nationalisation was not an option but Keith Williams, chief of the independent review, said last month: “For me, all options are on the table.”

It is taking submissions from the public, passenger groups and industry bodies. Findings will be published in autumn, with reforms from 2020.

Anti-privatisation group We Own It said: “It’s incredibly important this review considers all the options for
our broken railway.”

The DfT said: “Government’s vision is to have a world-class railway.

“The rail review was established to recommend the most appropriate organisational and commercial frameworks to support the delivery of the Government’s vision.”

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