#UK: #Wales Unveils new Transport Strategy

(ZDM)-The Welsh government has unveiled a draft transport strategy (New Path) until 2040, the main goals of which are to reduce harmful emissions from transport and new development priorities that stimulate investment in green technologies.

Earlier, in October 2020, the Core Valley network in the Cardiff region was taken over by the government, and the network is operated by Transport for Wales (TfW).

Overall, transport currently accounts for only 17% of all greenhouse emissions in Wales. Nevertheless, the government sets new tasks to reduce them in the next 5 years.

The draft strategy notes that the impact of the coronavirus pandemic is manifested in a decrease in public transport traffic and an increase in the number of workers from home. This trend will not subside in the future.

Earlier, the government said that in the long term, up to 30% of all employed people will work at home or remotely, and only with the development of public transport, the number of people using private vehicles could decrease.

The main tasks outlined in the draft strategy are the removal of various barriers that impede the convenient access of passengers to public transport, the integration of fare collection and passenger information systems, the switching of freight traffic from road to rail, the introduction of digital technologies, etc.

Priority areas planned for the next 5 years include the development of the metro network to better integrate public transport with rail and collaboration with the UK rail infrastructure operator Network Rail (NR) to further decarbonize Wales rail transport (photo: Transport for Wales ).

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