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In 2020, one of the leading railway engineering enterprises, the Ural Locomotives, will celebrate its 10th anniversary. From year to year, the plant is steadily increasing production capacity, fulfilling and exceeding the set plans for the production of innovative railway equipment, developing new rolling stock models in accordance with customer requirements and the latest trends in mechanical engineering.

At the end of January, the enterprise handed over to RZD the thousandth electric locomotive of the 2ES6 Sinara series, the locomotive of this series is currently recognized as one of the most massive new-generation trucks on the country’s railways. Last year, the company set a record for the production of Sinara – 155 electric locomotives set off to transport goods throughout the country. In a short time, the plant’s specialists developed a booster section for this locomotive, which has already been put into production, and will subsequently allow a 25% increase in the carrying capacity of the 2ES6 electric locomotive for driving trains up to 12.5 thousand tons.

Another successful brand of the plant that has now proved itself among passengers is the high-speed electric train Lastochka, which is operated in 20 regions of the country. Only on the Moscow central ring Ural trains transported more than 440 million passengers. High-quality and reliable Swallow has become the basic platform for the further development of the high-speed passenger transportation project in Russia. It was on this electric train that the Russian Railways experts, together with the employees of the plant and departmental institutes, installed a machine vision system that allows to recognize obstacles along the train. What marked the beginning of the transition to unmanned railway traffic.

The designers of Ural Locomotives are working on the design of a two-level train and electric train for the regions, which will have all the advantages of the existing Swallow, but will become more economical for territories with a small passenger flow. Last year, Russian Railways and the Sinara Group organized the Engineering Center for Railway Transport (founders of KRP-Invest (a subsidiary of Russian Railways) and the Sinara – Transport Machines holding), which also included plant specialists. The activities of the new center are aimed at consolidating existing and acquiring new competencies in the field of design and production of railway rolling stock. The first project will be the creation of high-speed trains in Russia.

Last week, a scientific and technical council was held, which was attended by the heads of the Center for Advanced Development of STM and the Center for Innovative Development of STM and the design service of the plant.

The meeting, held in video format, was devoted to the application of advanced technologies in the creation of rolling stock. The Skolkovo Technopark combines the unique technological assets of modern Russia and unites more than 250 residents. Cooperation will allow the plant to obtain breakthrough solutions using the latest technologies of “industry 4.0”, to integrate intelligent solutions and their subsequent replication to ensure the competitive advantages of the business.

The management of Ural Locomotives is confident that despite the difficult time, now, through joint efforts with Russian Railways, we will be able to continue to provide full-fledged freight and passenger transportation. A well-coordinated team of the enterprise, consisting of specialists of the highest level, is aimed at fulfilling a long-term contract until 2021, as well as a plan for the production of electric locomotives and electric trains this year: 120 Sinara locomotives, 10 2ES10 Granit locomotives and 10 2ES7 locomotives, and there are also 151 wagons for picking the “Swallow” electric trains of different composition.

Due to the presence of a long-term contract for the supply of Russian electric trains “Lastochka”, the Ural Locomotives plant is gradually implementing a program to involve new domestic suppliers of components. Currently, more than 160 Russian enterprises are involved in cooperative deliveries. Each additionally ordered by Russian Railways Lastochka electric train car is the creation of 10 new jobs at the Ural Locomotives plant and another 50-60 jobs at the supplying enterprises.

Separately, it is necessary to note the positive practice of switching to life cycle contracts in locomotive engineering. Back in 2017, Russian Railways set the right vector in our cooperation, which currently gives us the opportunity for long-term planning and stable operation on both production and service sites.

Ural Locomotives intend to continue to actively develop in the field of designing new electric locomotives and electric trains, and as soon as the situation stabilizes, make every effort to restore the rhythm of work and increase production capacities with the involvement of additional specialists at the plant.

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