Railway: What is in Atento’s Self Service Solution?

Atento, the leading company of customer relationship management and business process outsourcing services (CRM/BPO) in Latin America, and one of the top five providers worldwide, has developed an automation solution to improve RENFE’s customer experience, enabling over 1.8 million of the Spanish railway operator’s inquiries to be resolved through self-service.

This accounts for 12% of RENFE’s current customer service calls and it is expected to reach 15% at the end of the year.

Atento has been providing customer experience solutions to RENFE since 2017 and has recently extended its contract until 2022. Atento’s operations for RENFE include more than 300 contact center agents providing information services, ticket sales by phone, Atendo services, Adif infrastructure information, and direct sales management.

To provide this service, Atento is working also with the Special Employment Center of its subsidiary Atento Impulsa, which has assigned 65 agents to the service.

Self-sevice solution developed by Atento

With the objective to position RENFE as the leading service of the Spanish Public Administration in terms of quality and efficiency of customer experience, Atento has developed a self-service automation system that eliminates traditional options menus and implements an advanced call routing solution based on an open question to which the user can respond completely naturally.

The implementation of the automatic speech recognition application (ASR) and natural language understanding technology (NLU) allows the call to be automatically routed in 94% of cases.

To resolve the remaining 6% of calls, a virtual agent function is activated in which a virtual operator assists the system in routing; the user is unaware, and the operator helps train and improve the effectiveness of the automatic system.

The automated customer service telephone platform developed by Atento can manage 180 calls simultaneously, allowing it to process 10,000 calls per hour. In addition, the new model carries many other benefits, both for the service agents, who can dedicate their time to higher-value tasks, as for the customers themselves, who see their calls answered immediately at any time of day. This translates into shorter waiting times and overall duration of the interaction, creating an improved customer experience.

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