University Transport Students Plan careers at Russian Railways

Russian students of transport universities were asked a question: “Why do you want to work on the railway?”

On the eve of the professional holiday, students of industrial universities told why they choose steel lines |  Science and education

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Ilya Kostin, student of the Samara State University of Railways (SamGUPS):

– I study at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in the target direction from the Kinelskaya distance of signaling, centralization and blocking (ШЧ-6) of the Kuibyshev Directorate of Infrastructure. I want to work for Russian Railways, because the railway will always be there and nowhere without it. Private firms can go bankrupt at any moment, and the railway shows stability and stability.
In July, I had my first industrial practice, the head was the head of the repair and technological section of the distance, senior electromechanic Valery Solovyov. I learned a lot from him. I asked the mentor how this or that device works, disassembled the equalizer for overvoltage protection of the semiconductor equipment STsB VOTSH-220. I believe that the practice at the enterprise is the very first step of professional development on the career ladder. After all, in order to occupy leadership positions, one must start from the very bottom, with a basic specialty on the railroad.
At the university, I like to do laboratory laboratories, where we work behind various stands with installations. Practical training with different devices instilled in me a great interest in my future profession. After studying at the university, I will come to the enterprise and will work as an electrician for signaling devices, centralization, blocking of railway automation and telemechanics.
As I master new skills and abilities, I plan to move up the career ladder. All conditions have been created for this at Russian Railways. Therefore, only forward together with Russian Railways!

Artyom Makogon, student of Omsk State Transport University (OmGUPS):

– I love technology since childhood, so I wanted to study at a technical university. When I learned that OmGUPS specializes in high-speed ground transport, I had no doubts. First, the railways in Russia are over 180 years old, and they are developing from year to year. Secondly, being a railroad worker is interesting, it is constant dynamics and development. Thirdly, after graduating from the university, you can get a job in one of the largest companies in our country – JSC “Russian Railways”. I am interested in the prospect of working in the company, not only from the point of view of professional development. I know that in recent years, Russian Railways has been actively rejuvenating its personnel and implementing a large number of youth projects. At the university, I am an activist of the OmGUPS Volunteer Center and would like to continue this activity after graduation, and the company gives me such an opportunity.

Polina Stanchuk, student of the Russian University of Transport (MIIT):

– I have always wanted to work in the transport sector – reliable, innovative, interesting and promising. In the 10th grade, I thought about entering the Russian University of Transport (MIIT) in the targeted direction from Russian Railways. After graduating from school and successfully passing the exams, she was enrolled in the specialty “computer security”. Now I try to study well, I am engaged in self-development. University lecturers stimulate development in the scientific field. I also take part in extracurricular life – major student events (for example, the Debut creative festival, the tourist gathering of the Russian University of Transport) and in the work of the university press center. I am sure that all this will allow me to develop my professional and personal qualities and build a successful career at Russian Railways.

Alexey Serebryakov, student of the Russian Open Academy of Transport of the Russian University of Transport (MIIT):

– I want to work for the Russian Railways company in order to benefit our country, because transport is one of the key sectors of the state. Thanks to my work at Russian Railways, I will be able to further develop and strengthen the country’s economy. In addition, in the company I will be able to realize myself in different areas, showing not only my professional qualities, but also leadership and even creative inclinations. I am sure that my desire to develop, to be useful and productive will definitely be noticed and appreciated.
Now I am studying in the fourth year of the Faculty of Transport, specializing in electric transport of railways. I believe that the profession of a railway worker is for real men. Because to work on steel lines, you must be literate, responsive and quick to make decisions.

Dmitry Popov, student of the Rostov State University of Railways (RSTU):

– Working on the railway has been a dream for me since childhood. But, of course, I did not know about the Russian Railways company itself because of my age. Now, many years later, for me JSC “Russian Railways” personifies the stability and social security of its employees.
Of course, it takes pride in the fact that the company is the largest transport holding in the world, whose activities are not limited to rail transportation.
Now I study at the electromechanical faculty and participate in the student program “Ambassadors of the Russian Railways” – I tell friends and fellow students about the company, the opportunities for professional growth in the industry.
I am sure that in the future I will be able to become even more useful. Indeed, over the course of nine years of my studies (first at the Mineralovodsk College of Railway Transport, and now at the Rostov State University of Railways) I have been acquiring various technical and industry competencies that will help me contribute to the development of railways.

Ekaterina Mazurenko, student of Irkutsk State Transport University (IrGUPS):

– JSC Russian Railways is the largest organization in Russia, the experience of which is invaluable. They say who worked in this company will be able to cope with any task in another organization. It also makes it possible to become part of something larger. This is confidence in the future and the understanding that the enterprise will work for a very, very long time. Russian Railways has a good career opportunity. Now I am a third year student of the Faculty of Economics and Management. In the future, I would like to take a leadership position.

Nadezhda Popova, PhD student at the Russian University of Transport (MIIT):

– In my opinion, Russian Railways is very attractive for young professionals. Railway workers are provided with a large social package, including the opportunity to purchase housing on favorable terms, preferential (and in some cases free) travel on trains. There are all opportunities for professional development and career growth.
And, of course, working on the railways means stability, confidence in the future. As they say, steel lines will always function, which means that transport specialists will remain in demand.
Now I am a PhD student at the Institute of Management and Digital Technologies. I study at the department “Railway stations and transport hubs” (direction of training: “Technique and technology of transport processes”). In the future, I wanted to try my hand at Russian Railways, proposing ideas for improving the quality of work and attracting more passengers.

Daria Solovyova, student of the Yaroslavl branch of the St. Petersburg State University of Railways of Emperor Alexander I (PGUPS):

– This year I graduated from school and entered the Yaroslavl branch of the St. Petersburg State University of Railways with a degree in operational activity in logistics. I really look forward to starting my studies in order to get acquainted with my future profession.
There are many railway workers in my family, they love their job, they are proud of it. Therefore, in the future, after graduation, I would like to work for the Russian Railways company. I think that at Russian Railways I will be able to develop, work among like-minded people and implement new ideas. In addition, it is very prestigious to work for a world-renowned company.

Ivan Pashkeev, student of the Russian University of Transport (MIIT):

– Of course, I would like to work at Russian Railways. I am sure that in the company I, as a future specialist in the organization of train traffic, will be able to acquire operational skills (including in the event of any disruption in the operation of transport). This will develop the speed of reaction and the speed of making rational decisions. Specialists with such skills are extremely useful in my chosen field.


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