Saudi Crown Prince Visits Saudi Railway Polytechnics

*Polytechnic Opens for Admissions

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman visited the Saudi Railway Polytechnic (SRP) in Buraidah, where he was briefed on the progress of the Haramain High-Speed Railway project.

The crown prince was received by Qassim deputy govenor Prince Fahd bin Turki, Transport Minister Nabil bin Mohammad Al-Amoudi and a number of other senior officials.

The crown prince was briefed on training programs offered by the institute to Saudi students, including train driving, maintenance of signal and control systems, maintenance of locomotives and vehicles, station and passenger services, and maintenance of railway.
He also met with trainees of the upcoming Riyadh Metro.

The crown prince lauded the high performance of the young trainees and asked them to keep up with the Kingdom’s future and Vision 2030.
The crown prince made a virtual trip on a simulator for the mining train.

Meanwhile,Saudi Railway Polytechnic has announced openings for new admission in a bid by the kingdom to deepen her technical expertise in the railway sector.

Annoucement from the school reads as follows :

“We seek to qualify Saudi youth with confidence and ambition to take advantage of the boom in railway projects witnessed by the Kingdom in various regions. Saudi Technical Institute of Railways provides long training programs starting with recruitment for a number of specializations such as train driving, operation and management of stations, communications, railway control, maintenance of locomotives and vehicles.

“Those who are accepted to study at the Institute will receive many privileges, the most important of which is to enroll them in jobs from the first day and receive all the benefits of monthly salary and registration with social insurance and medical insurance in addition to the annual leave paid.

“The institute, which has a two-and-a-half year duration, is accredited in all its programs. The training period is divided into three sections:

1. Preparatory year: where the trainee will study English and general preparation materials.

2. The second year: The trainee will study the theoretical and applied aspects of the specialty subjects.

3. Practical application ( . On-The- . Job-Training ): which is appended to the trainee environment a real work according to specialization (in a subsidiary of the sites went) to strengthen the cognitive side , which he acquired during his studies institute field experience and test its efficiency in the performance of the job requirements.

The school reiterated her focus as follows :

“To train young and ambitious national talent to manage, operate and maintain railway facilities using the highest quality standards in training by training cadres and international expertise in this industry.

“To be the specialized technical reference at the regional level to provide technical training for the railway industry”,the centre noted.

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