Belgian Railway Launches Campaign against Aggression


Since 2017, SNCB employees in trains and train stations have more and more often been the victims of aggression. After a decline of one third in recent years, the number of cases of aggression has increased again since 2017. The SNCB wants it to stop and launches a campaign calling its travelers to say stop the attacks on the train attendants and employees in train stations. Because it is unacceptable that employees who work every day with commitment to ensure safety, support, reception and communication to travelers are victims of aggression.

Sophie Dutordoir, SNCB CEO : ” Any form of aggression, verbal or physical, against our employees in train stations and trains is totally unacceptable, they are there to help and guide travelers, not to be victims of Their work deserves respect.With this campaign, we also address all travelers: be supportive, support our trainers and our employees in train stations. ”

Attacks again on the rise

The fact that this campaign is taking place now is not a coincidence. After a one-third decrease since 2012, the number of assaults on train and station staff increased again in 2017, for the first time in five years. In 2017, we recorded 1,200 statements of aggression, an increase of 11% compared to 2016. SNCB wants to turn the tide again to regain and reinforce the decline observed before 2017.

Although our 2,500 train attendants are one of the main interlocutors of our travelers and provide them with an essential service, they are the most frequent targets of aggression. Nine out of ten attacks are directed against them.

This is usually verbal abuse, but four out of ten cases of assault result in physical violence, with or without assault. This violence has a huge impact on train drivers and employees in train stations. In 2017, the attacks resulted in nearly 3,000 days of absenteeism.

Campaign calls for support of travelers

SNCB wants these attacks to stop. Today, it is launching a traveler awareness campaign, calling for their support for train drivers and staff at railway stations. The staff already receives the respect it deserves from most travelers. A number of travelers, however, go too far and use verbal or physical violence.

In the countryside, broadcast in trains, train stations and online, one can see both train attendants and station staff. By showing them closely, their gaze straight in the camera, SNCB wants to demand the respect of the travelers towards its collaborators. The broken window behind which they are on the posters of the campaign symbolizes this violence and the impact it has on the person.

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One thought on “Belgian Railway Launches Campaign against Aggression

  1. Mild request is useless. Let the Railway Protection Force be active and impose on the spot Fine on travellers who misbehave

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