Deutsche Bahn Launches program to Attract Female Employees

The company will offer potential employees an online interview, as well as the choice of a convenient schedule

The company will offer potential employees an online interview, as well as the choice of a convenient schedule |  Infrastructure

photo: DB AG
Deutsche Bahn (German Railways, DB) will begin a program to attract female employees from 8 March. To keep the candidates interested, DB will offer potential employees an online interview, as well as the choice of a convenient schedule. The company hopes that the implementation of the new strategy will help increase the proportion of female employees to 30% of the total number of DB employees by 2024.

According to official statistics from Deutsche Bahn, in 2020 the number of female employees in the company was 50 thousand people (23.3% of the total number of employees).

According to member of the board of directors of DB Martin Seiler, the project will take place within a month – from March 8 to April 8 – annually.
“We want our company to set an example of a modern approach in the selection of employees. Therefore, it was decided to make DB more “feminine” and restore gender balance among employees. The start of the program is timed to coincide with International Women’s Day, ”explained Martin Sailer.

An advertising campaign is being carried out by Deutsche Bahn employees. On the official website of the company there is a commercial about women working in the railway sector. The video is also broadcast on all DB social networks. Quizzes are held on the company’s Instagram on a daily basis, videos and photos are broadcast with stories about the stories of the company’s employees. 

In the comments to the video, current DB employees answer the candidates’ questions about responsibilities, team and schedule. At the end of the month, the company plans to host an online seminar on the importance of women on the railways and attract a record number of viewers.

Employment also takes place in a new format for Deutsche Bahn. During the month, the company will hold seven online conferences to find employees, the schedule of these conferences has already been posted on the official website of DB. During the event, employees will be told about the advantages of working in the company, the requirements, and will communicate with the candidates. Upon completion of the conference, applicants who qualify for a DB will immediately receive a job offer. Registration of documents will take place in an accelerated mode and will take one day.

Also, a new strategy to attract women to Deutsche Bahn involves creating a comfortable working environment. Each employee admitted to the company will be able to choose full or part-time employment, as well as adjust her schedule. 

For women who came to the company without work experience in the railway sector, online and offline seminars were organized to teach a new profession. A mentoring program “Women on the Railroad” will be implemented for new employees

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