Zimbabwes Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube revealed in a recent interview that the collaboration aims to leverage Chinas expertise and financial resources to modernise the country`s railway infrastructure, addressing both fixed and rolling stocks as well as signalling systems. Zimbabwe is in discussions with China Railway Group Ltd. to revitalise the […]

NETHERLANDS: Railway operators must pay a total of approximately €170 million annually for the use of the Amsterdam-Belgium/Breda high-speed line.This amount was agreed between the Dutch government and Dutch Railways (‘NS’), and it stems directly from the Fyra concession fee offered by NS in overpriced bidding back in 2001. In […]

By George Kaulbeck Insights from George Kaulbeck, CPCS Head of Transport Advisory on land grants: the potential to bridge the financial gap needed for railway expansion in Africa. In its quest for more and better railways, a big obstacle stands in Africa’s way, and that’s the scarcity of financing. For […]

By PA News Agency The plan will nationalise the network ‘without the taxpayer paying a penny in compensation costs’, the party will say (James Manning/PA) Labour will pledge to renationalise the railways if elected, in what the party will call the “biggest overhaul to our railways in a generation.” A […]