The holding held a council on the implementation of the Lastochki control system in automatic mode A scientific and technical council on the project of introducing the Lastochka electric train control system in automatic mode was held at JSC Russian Railways.  The event, which was held via video communication, was […]

Metra‘s board yesterday elected Romayne Brown as chair, effective Nov. 1.  Brown, who represents Cook County, Illinois, on the board, will succeed Norman Carlson. Carlson will remain on the board as vice chair.  Brown is the first African-American woman to chair Metra’s board, agency officials said in a press release.She was […]

Electric locomotives are connected to control and dispatch sites by 5G communication, so that employees can control equipment remotely A 5G unmanned electric locomotive control system has been commissioned in northwest China’s Gansu province. This was reported by the Xinhua news agency with reference to the developers – Jinchuan Corporation, the country’s […]

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