The government of Malaysia has said  that it was planning to revert to the original route for its $10.6bn East Coast Rail Link, and would discuss the cost implications with its contractor, China Communications Construction Company (CCCC). Deputy transport minister Hasbi Habibollah told parliament: “The government will renegotiate with the Chinese […]

The United States has prepared a national strategic plan for the development of the country’s freight transport for the first time in the history of the country The US Department of Transportation has released the first-ever National Strategic Roadmap for Freight Transport, which outlines the main areas of long-term investment […]

By  Jonathan Bray Pre-pandemic, the UK’s rail network was a runaway success on patronage growth but an industry facing a comprehensive redesign after being let down by a cumbersome structure which passengers and politicians lost patience with for its day to day performance and periodic nervous breakdowns (the coup de […]

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