Tanzanian SGR Proceeds with Community Support

The Tanzania Railway Corporation – TRC is continuing with the land acquisition exercise in order to pass the electricity line for the construction of the Modern Railway – SGR project, the second section Morogoro – Makutupora, which was held in Kilosa district in Morogoro region in October, 2022.

The exercise of land acquisition includes the transfer of graves where approximately 80 graves have been moved to different areas.

Engineer from TRC Mr. Juma Kadashi said that the evaluation of those areas was done well, so the exercise of moving graves goes hand in hand with the exercise of compensation for the relatives who lost their loved ones.

Also, Engineer Kadashi explained that the village governments have set aside special areas for the purpose of resting their loved ones and also continues to urge the people to go and bury those areas in order to bring about the development of urban planning in their areas.

“The power line will send electricity to the SGR power stations technically called TPS (Traction Power Substation) which will receive electricity of approximately 220 kilowatts (220kv) and the distance from one TPS to the other is 50 kilometers,” said Engineer Kadashi.

In addition, Engineer Kadashi said that the citizens as well as the leaders of the villages continue to cooperate and ensure that the exercise goes according to all the procedures that have been prepared by the team from the TRC.

And Acting Chief from the Sanitation and Environment Division from Kilosa district Anthony Mbise said that the participation of health professionals in the exercise is important in ensuring that the community grows safe to prevent epidemics in those areas.

“Exercise follows all health procedures to protect against bacteria, viruses and fungi that stay for a long time, these can cause diseases through the air and even spread, so we control them and pour medicine on them before the body is removed,” said Mr. Don’t miss it.

Also a resident of the village of Munisagara Mr. Colonel Malisali said that since the SGR project started, it has brought development in the villages for the people to transport their produce easily, to have modern houses through the compensation they receive as well as social services to increase in quantity.

“Actually, we are very grateful to God since this village of Munisagara got the document to be a village in 1973, we did not see the road passing here, but now the SGR project has brought us development in the villages,” said Mr. Colonel.

The SGR project continues to bring positive results in various areas of villages and cities by bringing a new progressive look to the country.


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