Abuja-Kaduna Train Service Resumes Operation After Suspension Over Derailment

The Nigerian Railway Corporation has announced the resumption of the Abuja-Kaduna Train Service following a derailment on Friday.

The train service was suspended last Friday due to the derailment that occurred at Kubwa Station on the same date.

A statement by the Director of Operations, Mr Niyi Alli said the Service will resume on Tuesday, January 31, 2023.

Alli disclosed the following daily schedule: KA2 departs Rigasa at 0700; Ak1 departs Idu at 10.00; KA4 departs RIGASA at 13.00hrs; AK3 departs idu at 16.00.

He said, “However on Wednesdays, only KA2 Will depart Rigasa in Kaduna State, at 0700 and AK 4 will depart Idu in Abuja, at 16.00.”

According to the statement, Mr Alli on behalf of the Corporation again apologised to its customers, saying the Corporation “regrets any inconvenience passengers may have experienced as a result of the temporary suspension of the service”.

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