Traffic and the technology used for it, are changing rapidly. Experts agree: Developments that contribute to promoting the use of autonomous and driverless cars will also change rail transport. Mobile technology, for example, is playing an increasingly important role in new developments in rail transport. It allows data to be […]

The German government has approved a plan to spend €86 billion to upgrade the Deutsche Bahn rail network,Construction Europe has reported. Transport minister Andreas Scheuer called the project “the biggest railway modernisation programme” in the country’s history. The 33,000km network, run by national rail company Deutsche Bahn, has suffered from […]

A member of the House of Representatives in Nigeria Mufutau Egberongbe, has urged the government to concentrate on the revival of railways and waterways transportation in Apapa, to end perennial gridlock at the Lagos port. Egberongbe said that more efforts were needed to sanitise the area of congestion, which he […]

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