Yapı Merkezi in Trouble over Tanzanian SGR

The Turkish Yapı Merkezi company is being investigated for corruption and interference in Tanzania’s internal affairs

Defense and security agencies in Tanzania have started an investigation against the Vice Chairman of Yapı Merkezi Construction Company, Mr. Erdem Arioglu.

Various sources say that Arioglu is accused of being a major reason for the delay in the completion of the SGR project while treating Tanzanian contractors unfairly by delaying their payments.

The Turkish citizen is also accused of interfering in Tanzania’s internal politics by giving bribes to various Members of Parliament to obstruct various development projects through their contributions to the Parliament.

The Parliament of Tanzania is expected to issue a statement after the investigation, while some Members of Parliament want the Turkish citizen to be removed from the country immediately.

In addition to these accusations, the company is also said to continue to give Tanzania billions of losses due to substandard construction in some areas.

One of the areas is a piece of the Nkurumah bridge in the Kamata area of ​​Dar es Salaam where the company was ordered to demolish and start reconstruction after it was found to be below the level including the clear appearance of cracks.

In some areas of the project, the architecture has violated the vision on the waterways and closed them, which endangers the safety of the use of the project when it is completed.

The effects of this matter are said to bring the country greater disasters such as accidents and billions of repair losses where the project is completed.

In the accusations, it is stated that the government has formed an investigation team while another secret team checks the activities and corruption in the project before issuing an official report.

 Source : Tanzanian Post


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