China, Algeria embarks on ambitious 6,000km railway project

China and Algeria have embarked on an ambitious partnership to construct a sprawling railway network spanning a remarkable 6,000 kilometres across North Africa.

Algerian President, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, lauded the monumental phase as a pivotal stride toward advancing Algeria’s socioeconomic progress.

President Tebboune said this during his official visit to China, a visit that witnessed the sealing of over a dozen cooperation agreements encompassing diverse sectors such as aerospace, agriculture, energy, railway transportation, research, and technology.

President Tebboune also emphasised that the development of railroad infrastructure stands as the “paramount assurance for progress.

The primary objectives encompass enhancing mining operations, boosting trade, and nurturing economic prosperity within Algeria.

President Tebboune underlined the imperative of investing in railroad infrastructure, citing it as the “ultimate catalyst for development.”

“The primary objectives of this monumental undertaking include bolstering mining activities, fostering increased trade, and nurturing economic vitality throughout Algeria”, he said.

The colossal railway project marks the dawn of a fresh era in China-Algeria collaboration, holding the potential to usher in a revolutionary era of economic development not only for both nations but also for the broader African region.


Kehinde Olusegun

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